My instructor is singling me out

I’m in a new trainee team of 6. My instructor is paying me more negative attention than the others.
She told me and only me to pay greater efforts at paying attention after a hard day where I’d been absent-minded.

A week later the instructor team sent a group email asking everyone to refrain from chatting or using phones in training.

Today the instructor asked me and only me to meet with the department head to discuss my future here and whether I’m still interested in the job because “we’ve told you several times to focus”.
I have some of the highest test scores in the group, fyi.

She mentioned me drawing during training, but I told her I listen better if I can doodle while the instructors talk.

The guy next to me chats, reads news, browses apartments and uses his phone. But nobody says ■■■■ to him.

It adds to the pile of an already shitty day. What should I do?


It sounds unfair, but I doubt there will come much good of it if you try to tell them that you’re not the only one or something like that, that might just make the situation worse.

If you want the job I guess I would just try to make the adjustments they want you to do and hope that they get off your back. Maybe try not to take it personal even if it seems unfair.

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yea would just listen to him, not worth losing your job over doodling.

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People are unfair. As someone said, just do as he saysand keep your job. Have you told them about having sz?

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@Tomas @oe1489 @Mr_Hope
I pay more attention when I can doodle while an instructor talks. I learn better that way.
If I just sit and stare at them I won’t hear a thing, because my mind will wander.


o shoot, maybe you can put in your lap so it looks like your not doodling. find a seat that is far away from the instructor so he cant see you.

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Our placements are locked due to computers, and she’s next to me

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can you doodle on the computer.

It stinks, but you might have to use patience. If you do bring up her treatment of you to your instructor do it with tact. Be firm, but not aggressive.

She’d still be able to see

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Can you request accommodations from HR?

You may need a letter from a pdoc but pdoc doesn’t have to disclose anything personal like diagnosis.

Maybe you can get one for drawing during instructions so long as you continue to get good scores and perform well.

Accommodations in writing will protect you from being singled out further. Workplaces can get in huge trouble for violating an ADA accommodation. Just be aware that it may not be granted by the company.

If you choose to try this route, I would go above any direct manager and straight to whoever does HR for your place of work.

Being allowed to draw while listening is a reasonable accommodation imo and costs them absolutely $0 to do.

Might be worth looking into.

Otherwise, I would have to agree with the others:/

E: At least this is true in the US. Not sure about other places.

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I totally can relate. I know you don’t have much in the way of funds right now, but could you get a thing of silly putty or a stress ball? That is a bit more socially acceptable than doodling as a fidget activity. You should absolutely be allowed the accommodation of doodling during meetings, but the sad reality is some workplaces are more accommodating than others. A dtress ball might help you survive.