My in-laws want to know how therapy went

My in laws ask alot how therapy is going. I usually just tell them it went ok. My partner usually just says how did therapy go? I think they are trying to get information from me

Probably just being nice. At least your in-laws care enough to ask you that question. My in-laws were Mormons straight from hell.

Do your in laws know about your diagnosis?

I would be very suspicious of them asking you that. Probably, they want to hear that therapy cured you so they don’t feel bad about making you do all the work while they live off your money.

I thought your in laws didn’t care about you? My own parents and siblings never asked me how my therapy was going!

I don’t want to comment here.

Every time these people have shown a shred of humanity in the past, it has been in order to manipulate her into feeling worse about herself and doing more work. I’m not holding my breath for them to suddenly develop basic decency.