My Implant Was Vibrating

I felt vibrating early this morning and it was coming from inside my body, in my pelvic area (nothing naughty). I have figured out that this means the implant inside my body has been reactivated. They shut it down about a month ago but now it’s back online. Let me explain!

I had a pelvic/abdominal CT done in May because I was having pain in my abdomen. The CT found a “surgical clip” in my pelvic area. Now this is odd because I’ve never had surgery in that part of my body. Even the doctor couldn’t explain it. It was at about that time that I noticed people following me in these weird green cars and people looking at me weird like watching me everywhere I went. Soon after I started receiving messages in my head.

So I came to t he conclusion that this “surgical clip” (which logically can’t be a surgical clip) is a device that was implanted into me that allows the government to see my location, listen to my thoughts, and also transmit messages to me directly into my brain. They can even steal my thoughts if they want to.

This is all logical! And recently, the past month or two, I’ve had feelings that I’m bein gfollowed by demons and I’ve heard them screaming at me. So the only conclusion I can come to is that the demons are controlling the government and they’re doing something to me… I just don’t know what they’re doing or why.

This is clearly not a delusion because the implant shows up on a CT scan. I’m not imagining it. So I don’t really know what to do!

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The government can just bug your cellphone. It has a camera, a microphone, and a GPS. Why would they go to the trouble of implanting a chip?

I don’t have a cell phone.

Well I know my cellphone is bugged but it doesn’t really bother me anymore. I am already schizophrenic, I mean what else can they do to me?

I wouldn’t worry about it.

What worries me most is their ability to take my thoughts (what you would call thought blocking) and also their ability to give me certain thoughts or ideas or put images in my head.

That technology doesn’t exist. If that were the case don’t you think the implant would be in your head?

Learn to ignore the thoughts you are uncomfortable with. No one is putting thoughts in your head but you must avoid triggers.

Maybe something external is triggering these thoughts that you need to learn to avoid. For example, I don’t watch the news because it tends to trigger me.

Every time I read something by you, I like you even more!

This is a strange situation you are living through. How on earth could it possibly be a surgical clip? Do you remember a time when you could have been implanted?

I really wish the demons would quit bugging you, you must be terrified out of your brains right now.

Right now I’m actually pretty ok. They mostly come at night.

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thanks for the info

I’ve heard magnets

want to try them if I am

Implants for tracking you would be very old fashion now a days, is there a scare form the implant? The cost in tracking you is also very expensive, unless you are involved in things that have a lot of value I doubt anyone would go to the trouble.

Over the years I have come accross so many things that doctors can not explain, then it shows up 2 or 3 years down the road. Like my thyroid, the symptoms at the time were screaming check me, but none of the doctors picked up on it.

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Chemical weapons done on humans

still continues today

remember Anthrax, much more than that.

The worst human rights experiments done on humans
happened in Japan shortly after we bombed.

You can find it probably on You Tube.

I’m pretty sure we turned our heads here in the US

some went in on their own volition

others were sick in some form