My imaginary clinical psychologist


my psychologist went home today she was ill, they forgot to ring me !
i drove an hour in to the ’ big ’ town and waited in the dingy , claustrophobic waiting room.
i had a conversation with myself, it went very well, apparently i am making good progress ! yipeeee !
i prefer talking to myself anyway .
my next session with my absent psychologist i will be talking about space travel, and i will take some crayons and draw on the waiting room walls !!
take care


My Dad always packs sandwiches and tea and brings a pillow and blanket in his back pack. If he’s left waiting too long in the waiting room he will set up camp. Your post reminded me of that. I would love the see the art you leave her.


your dad sounds pretty smart , but does he go all the way, and have a camp fire with marshmellows and have sing a longs with all the medical staff !
i think i am going to channel the child like qualities of ’ miro ’ with his abstract variations on life !
see how long it takes ( when she turns up ) to work it out !
take care


Childlike - that’s something I’d like to try. People get miffed because I act younger than my age, but I’m never childlike Nnever have been…maybe since my father told me I couldn’t build a house at age 5. But I already had the 4 corners made of broken dishes I found.