My idiotic self did drugs again

A month off medicine. Had no problems at all. Smoked dmt and flew from my body upwards and watched creation happen in front of my eyes, everything is light. Flying through outerspace to the end of the universe. Was outside of all of creation in a place of love. I understood the meaning of life. after that I was transported through the whitest light you could ever see. I can barely remember what happened. I could have been in that place for years. I was returned to my body with this hope beyond all understanding. It was to intense for me, definitely not doing it again.

dude that is frankly â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  stupid. You know being schizophrenic is like being on drugs already, dont do that â– â– â– â–  thats retarded.

I would be happier to hear that you got drunk, but DMT? Come on dude

if you do LSD you’re gonna have a bad ■■■■■■■ time, and pot makes most of us go psycho too, as well as coke, just dont do drugs.

Booze is a major tranquilizer in higher doses, it works like an antipsychotic so I wouldnt blame you for that but dude what the â– â– â– â–  dont do drugs

Dont get all butthurt, telling everyone you did DMT is asking for a “come to jesus” talk

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Been there! I know the place…but i didn’t do DMT. i didn’t do anything at all as far as drugs or drink…it was just an astral vision and it was awesome. You don’t need drugs to go there…
Still have some of it written down…it was in 1994.

Here it is:

“This takes me back to December 1994, when I received a vision through astral Projection, or some form of Consciousness travel. I wrote a 20+ page document entitled Journey into the 7 realms, which unfortunately was lost or destroyed a few years later. however, I will write what I can remember of it.
I was sitting on my couch and it seemed my consciousness left my body. I sailed into space and headed for the Sun. I actually flew through the Sun, right through the core, and out the other side. I sailed at a fantastic speed, accelerating, thousands of times the speed of light. I sailed past galaxies and came to the end of the universe. Yes, it had an end, a barrier of sorts. I breached this barrier like going through a thin sheet or elasticy bubble.
I discovered on this journey there were 4 realms beyond our universe, realms of white, yellow, light blue, and red. Beyond them were a realm of fire, then water. At the end of that was a “shore” of infinity. So there were actually 8 realms, but I do not count our present physical one, only the realms that were beyond our average perception. There were 7 of these.
This was an Astral journey. I flew through the Sun, and then on to the edge of the Universe, to discover the barrier, which I breached, and entered a spherical realm containing trillions X trillions squared of Universes. Beyond that another Realm containing a like number of previous realms, EACH containing those multitude of black universes.And so on it went, up through 4 sperical Realms, each containing multitudes of the previous forms of Realms. This may sound confusing, but it was rather simple to experience.
Then there was a realm of Fire, then, beyond that a Realm of water, or at least what appeared as water. It seemed fluid, and I did emerge on a “shore” which was the shore of infinity. There I was met by Biblical Prophets, 2 of which were John the Baptist and the Apostle Paul. The latter told me that this was the place he had been on an Astral journey, he called it the “3rd Heaven” in II Corinthians 12:1 - 4. He had entered Paradise, hearing unspeakable things it was unlawful (not permitted) to utter.
In fact, I was not allowed to speak of this to anyone for at least 10 months. Not that anything bad would happen, but thats just how it went. At one point I felt very detached and perceived Earth so far away, back through all those multi-realms. For a moment I literally felt and heard every Truth, every Lie, and every Thought ever uttered by every living being, everywhere. this lasted only one to two seconds. Then I experienced what I can only describe as a “brain circuit overload” and my consciousness snapped back into my body. the journey back didn’t take long, only seconds, whereas the journey out took many minutes, perhaps an hour.
I wrote down what I had just experienced. It was a mind shaking experience - free of any drugs, and beyond anything one would experience with drugs. Indeed, only a Soul and Spirit free of intoxication could even enter such a place and perceive the forms accurately.”

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DMT is actually produced in small amounts by the pineal gland, usually released at death or times of trauma, or possibly deep meditation…that’s the natural DMT…It’s been said i have a DMT leak…LOL…but seriously, seems that way. I naturally experienced what you experienced taking DMT from an outside source.

It’s not very often someone has a trip OUTSIDE the universe, or perceives all those things…

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Damn, what happened here? That is unusual for this site. This is all around inappropriate.

not a good idea, learn to meditate if you want to see that stuff, i do it without drugs.
take care

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Drugs 'er bad, mmmkayyy. I can’t even meditate without my symptoms acting up. Plus, I worry that altered states of consciousness are a doorway to the demonic. I feel like I have enough of that to deal with already.

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Everyone - avoid personal attacks and telling people what to do. If you want to quote your own experiences and what you’ve read thats ok - but please don’t tell people what to do. That never goes over well. And keep the posts on-topic - not about yourself or any qualities you may or may not have.

Thanks - Be civil. This is a supportive community.

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Ha! I knew it had borders!

They were trying to get me to see it one day actually, i can’t though, not until i get there.

They tried to get me to understand what it is, they said if you have a body then there are borders to everything, but there is no outside of everything, there can’t be anything outside of everything and yet it has borders, there is absolutely no thing beyond it but it still has borders.

They said i am my universe and i can’t go outside of myself also.

“Technically, all distances are finite, all expansions are finite.” They say.

I was trying to tell this to my cousin once, she looked at me like i was crazy of course, but she doesn’t understand my purpose for these things, i want to know if i can live again but as pure energy, but she just thinks im crazy(which i am for now).

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Gotta stop telling people about the pineal.

I fear that if this info is in the wrong hands then some people are going to have their pineals removed unwillingly.

See, some things are better left not known until it’s time to know them.

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These “journeys” are well known in Shamanism…South American shamans actually ingest DMT through Ayahausca tea…that is natural, not the powder drug DMT on the streets which can have other stuff in it.
But these journeys are also known on occasion by people who do not have to take anything…

I also agree that use of drugs opens the door to the demonic, so are actually lucky the journey didn’t go there, to the demonic…

illegal drugs are dangerous,

i wouldn’t trust them, could be anything in them

and if you get hooked you might end up dead, look what happened to Peaches Geldof, such a shame.

What is DMT? I have never heard of that.

It’s a hallucinogen that is a bit more hard core then even I could have taken.

I have a cousin who just messed himself up on this little bad boy last year in October. He is schizoaffective and he was getting so much better. But then he decided to go over board and just blow his mind open with this jagged piece of fun. Some can take it I guess… he couldn’t.

He’s still in resident care/ hospital. I really don’t know if he’s going to pull out of this one this time. It’s been since October and he still can’t remember me, his own parents, and he’s still having a flashback seizures. Some people are fried… he’s burnt to a crisp. I miss him. I’ve visited him a few times and he still has no idea who I am. He’s 5 years younger then me too. 24. poor sod.

Sounds like nothing I ever want to try.

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Sounds like the last thing that is ever going to help the brain of anyone with mental health problems.


Mescaline ■■■■■■ me up bad, can’t imagine what this drug would do to me

The real problem with these drugs besides the fact you don’t know the actual dosage, is that reactions to them can vary to the extreme.
Wave said mescaline messed them up bad… and I saw that happen to a girl who took it and totally flipped out…screaming, things crawling on her, threw wine all over the room and fought with her boyfriend…
I took it a few times when I was younger and always had fun.
People take these hallucinogens and one may have a good trip and another person have a bad trip.
Even the Shamans who use this stuff do it in a way that there is a guide present during the trip to help guide them if they start going to scary places. Without the guide anything can happen, including people believing they can fly and jumping out windows…and with DMT (Ayahausca) even many shamans experience places you don’t want to go, having to battle dragons and serpents and jaguars…getting “lost” in that world of vision for a while.

Those are considered the lower realms, so again, anyone who experience what has been reported here is really lucky, or blessed to have experienced the higher or heavenly realms…and it’s not always the same trip for the same person either if they take it more than once. It can react differently even in the same person. Weed did that with me…felt good at first but then started getting very paranoid every time so I just stopped… not worth the chance…

I just want to make it clear that 1) i am a top and coming out about being bisexual is recovery and is not an easy thing to do 2) as a support forum, its appropriate to reassure you that you are idiotic when you post “My idiotic self did drugs again” because being off meds and on DMT is going in the completely wrong direction. I appreciate the insult and you should appreciate the feedback for doing the dumbest thing a schizophrenic can do, hard illegal drugs instead of medications.

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@mortimermouse I apologize for the insults, I see where you are coming from. We all have are own opinions though.

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