My husbands wants us to move to Tennessee. Kind of scarey

My husband in two years time with some work and preparation wants to move our family from PA to TN. I think, well no one in PA really bothers with me, the universities down there might be great. Then I think I’m scared of tornadoes and the boys don’t want to go. Anyone from Tennessee, is it a nice place to live? My older son says he’d go NOrth but not south or West. My husband says south or west. Well, going to go shovel some snow and sprinkle some salt I guess. desimb

Tennesseee is not the worst place in the World. East Tennessee is scenic and West Tennessee rarely sees a lot of snow. If you are on disability the health care system has paid for my Invega which is pretty expensive. They have been cutting back on services in recent years however like everybody else. I will have to say that the public schools are substandard, There is no income tax however although there is a high sales tax. People are generally more hospitable than in the north, but old prejudices remain and the schools are almost resegregated. We don’t live in shacks generally and the hillbilly image is basically a myth. Tornadoes do happen but it’s not as bad as the Plains States. At the worst point about 5-6 years ago we were getting one bad tornado a year in West TN. Tornadoes are uncommon in Middle Tennessee, and are rare in East Tennessee. Ya’ll come on down.

I lived in East Tennessee, in the Appalachian mountains, for 18 years. It is a very scenic and tranquil place. But it’s also very poor. Except for a few mid-sized cities like Knoxville, there’s not a lot there.

As the previous poster said, there are still a lot of old prejudices and racism. There’s also a lot of right-wing conservative homophobia and judgement.

That’s why I got the hell out of there as soon as I turned 18. I moved to Florida to go to college and never looked back.

I still have family there. But, due to their highly religious belief systems, they are not supportive of schizophrenia. They, and a lot of uneducated people in the mountains, believe that schizophrenia is caused by demonic forces.

If you do move to Tennessee, the best cities for a good life are Knoxville, Nashville, or Memphis. They’re a lot more modern and accepting. Also, they have better economies and job markets.



But they have really good BBQ.

I also live in Western Pennsylvania. I really couldn’t see myself living anywhere else.

We get four nice seasons. I don’t know much about Tennessee, but I couldn’t live in a place where there wasn’t a really warm summer and really cold winter.

I also like that we’re half rural and half city around here, it’s a nice mix.

Anyway, you know all this, I’ll just say Western Pennsylvania is a special place.

I live in memphis. Memphis is ghetto. I live in the nice part of town, east memphis, a suburb, the city itself is fu#king dangerous and not charming but scary. The catch is, Memphis has the best tap water in the States! Go figure, trade crime rate for good tap water. But seriously, the tap water tastes better than some bottled waters.

Chattanooga is beautiful and charming, I have heard. Franklin is small and rather bumble, Nashville is nicer than Memphis and there’s plenty of things to do in Nashville. Jackson is ok. Memphis has an international airport and a zoo and stuff, but it’s not very great to live in. I think Knoxville is just a college town, I never hear anything about it other than stuff about the University of TN there.

Americans pick up and move, I observe.