My husband burst into the room the other day and said “why are you talking to yourself!!!”


It’s been on my mind ever since.


“Sometimes the best advice is your own advice” :slight_smile: Would have been my response


Tell your husband that you talk to yourself because it’s the only way to have an intelligent conversation.


Totally. I asked my kids if they talk to themselves to which they replied yes! And I just said to him maybe you’re the odd one lol.

I also added on a serious note that it bothered me. He should be more sensitive toward those comments and it was over. But it still bugs me. My mom made a joke about my shakey hand yesterday and I just wanted to curl in a ball and disappear. It’s annoying having someone point out your ■■■■. Just let me be me ya know?!


Lmao @kindness :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



Sorry if I came off like a jerk. I’m sure your husband is a very nice man.


Oh no way! You didn’t come off as a jerk. He did though. He’s a really great man. But he says dumb stuff hat bugs me. He once told me - as we were boarding the plane for a trip - that I talk about the dumbest ■■■■. He meant that I’m random and off topic and all that I know but I was really offended. Frig you dude! You’re not perfect. I’m a schizophrenic with a mood disorder. I’d say I’m managing human things just fine!


@StripedShirtBoy people talk to themselves a lot, for many reasons…if you want to do it then you should be able to in ur own home.

It sucks though that he said that and it upset you :neutral_face: some people just like to do it


I go out on the porch and pray almost everyday. Not loudly and I’m not really religious. My God, not any entity strictly defined by any established anything.
And I talk to myself all the time. Not to the voices so much anymore, although I still hear them sometimes. Usually when I’m stressed over politics or family stuff. Just to get it out when no one else wants to listen. I also sing and talk to my cat.
Regardless of your reasons, if any, it’s really not a big deal to talk to yourself or even the voices. Whatever helps you feel better seems fine, at least to me.
I hope you and your husband will continue to get along overall and I hope he will be more sensitive to your feelings @StripedShirtBoy.


Sometimes those whom don’t get it Just are so mean.Especially when they are afraid of what it could possible mean .


Some folks talk to themselves and some folks have the propensity to comment on others. I wish I could tell you not to worry but like @eighteyedspy23 maybe you could get a cat kind of like as a cover of sorts.

And sorry about your hand. :slight_smile:


Gotta show him some dominance, men respect dominance.
If he will make another similar dumb comment, prepare yourself with a very harsh and witty reply, criticising stuff that matter to him. like the fact he didn’t get promoted in a while and thus he is worthless or that his dong isn’t as satisfying as he thinks it is. just go ‘nuts’ :crazy_face: for a good cause
if it gets there, show him you are not afraid of fights but end it on a good note. it shouldn’t get there tho
if he is mature enough, no harm will be done, and you’ll regain some of your respect.


I agree with all the comments here, he should respect boundaries and all. I just wanted to play devil’s advocate here: Maybe he’s worried about you.

That said, it’s annoying when people close to us make every little habit we have about our illness, especially when it’s a habit that annoys them. Like I’ll be doing something that somebody who knows I take meds finds annoying, and they’ll insistently ask me if I’m taking my meds.


Just tell him you were talking to someone else. Then pause and pretend you heard someone and say “they” think you are very rude. :smile:

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