My husband has been ordering "second dinners" when he doesn't like my cooking, been finding evidence of it for months

Last night my husband wasn’t crazy about dinner,

Which sucked because it was date night.

This morning,

The garbage bag is full of Taco Bell wrappers.

If you’re going to food cheat on me, at least destroy the evidence and take out the trash.

This is not his first offence.

It’s pretty much been going on like twice a week for a couple months.

Now he’s saying “we’re” spending too much on takeout.

Oy vey.


What a prick. I would make him eat vegetarian for a week for that.


That would hurt my feelings, too. I place a lot of my ego on my cooking skills.


Ha, this is where being poor has it’s uses. My husband can’t do that. He has to SUFFER.


Not cool, someone takes the effort to cook you food, you don’t complain.

I’d be hurt.

Sorry Mr. Gabel


That’s really rude.

Is there any way you could ask him what it is about your cooking he doesn’t like?
Maybe it’s something easily fixable like the veggies are too soggy, or you use too much salt or grease.
Or ask if he has any wishes for what he’d prefer you to cook?

Alternatively, you could ask him if you could agree that he just lets you know if he’d rather have takeout, and then order some for you too.

Maybe have one night a week for takeout.


Thats sad, kind of funny though. But sad.

Pick up some lunch meats and such so he can make himself a meal if he really isn’t loving it.

This seems like its probably going to take time to work through so don’t get mad. I’m not a good cook and my family didn’t like eating what I cooked when I did go out of the way to make it for them so its understandable that you’re upset, and I know how that feels. But its best not to be mad about it.


The thing is, he hates everything.

It’s like feeding a kid,

I have to have adult food.

Recently, he’s been more into veggies than usual,

But last nights dinner was shrimp tacos and he didn’t like the chili powder in it.

He likes chili powder!

Apparently, not on shrimp.

How am I supposed to know this ■■■■?

I may just ask him if he wants takeout instead of whatever I’m making instead of the two dinners thing,

Thanks, @Miika.


I don’t know but this is something I think couples probably work through over time. Ask him for recipes if he’s going to be a stinker about things.


That’s immature of him.

I mean, yeah, I can respect food aversions and such. But at least he should be honest about them instead of sneaking out to have taco bell.

If he needs it a particular way, maybe he could do the cooking?
I mean if he’s not grateful at the effort you’re putting in, it’s only fair he should do it himself.


Maybe he should cook then? I’ve hacked my wife off a few times by eating takeaway when she makes something horrible, so now I do most of the cooking.


Sorry @goldenrex .

Maybe he’s secretly applying for this job :thinking:


You need my white chili recipe that stuff is so good :wink:

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Fake news. I’m a McCormick and I’m not hiring for that role. I am the taco expert.


I feel like your solution is the best solution.

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When my wife was alive we very rarely had takeaway once we had a settled place to live.My wife was very good at non exotic dishes. My mother due to being a diplomat’s wife was very good at cooking more exotic dishes.
When my wife got ill with dementia I took over the cooking. I tried my best, but I was not even an average cook.


I agree wholeheartedly!


On the flip side, it’s probably good to avoid my usual bluntness.

“Why did you ignore the supper I made and get KFC?”
“Because I keep telling you I don’t like that dish and you keep making it.”
“It’s my favorite recipe that my mom made.”
“I don’t like her, either.”

Yes, I do spend a night or two on the couch each week (as you all suspected).


You should have a frank open discussion with him about the situation.
I’m sorry @goldenrex



I bet your cooking is awesome Rexy.

I would clean my plate if I had someone nice enough to cook for me.