My hulsantions

So i wonder if it’s normal to see gruesome things. Like blood and raw meat in hulsantions. Mine tend to be gross such as blood and raw meat. As well as maguts and people faces melting.
My vioces are bad as well. They are very harmful and say mean things to me.
Has anyone else had these deductive hulsantions?

Does medication help at all?

Yes it does. I take apipipazole

I hallucinated something similar and hallucinated that I ate human flesh.

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I used to see blood in my backpack and I would freak out.

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I seen chicken legs turn in to baby lems and they were rotting and gross. Lets just say i didn’t eat chicken for a while.

I seen running down the walls at times not as much as i used to though.

I can’t see hulsantions even on bad drugs. A my voices are almost under control. Maybe you need a med change? Do you have pdocs locally?

My meds mainly keeo it clam down. So i dont see i was mainly explaining before i had meds.

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