My "HuckFinn" Vraylar 7-28-16

I still feel pretty good but im feeling dizzy alot with the 6mg of vraylar… and sometimes i feel a bit of an acid trip with my sz… it comes and goes a bit… overall i feel maybe 65% good 35% bad… its tough because ive been on zyprexa 10-15 mg over the past 15 years or so… and its been a few weeks only… but thankfully when i take the vraylar and 2.5 zyprexa at night my mind calms down… i feel dopy and very childishly self conscious but i find prayer helps with that…
it comes and goes tho.

Idk. im trying to better myself but its hard just now.
im awake 16-18 hours a day now which is awesome but im dizzy alot and finding im too insecure self concious crap. but i think i need to learn coping slkills again with such a big life change.

the halucinations are mostly gone… sometimes i still see heat rising if i look too long… many normies do too tho… i think.

im ok tho. im not acting out violently or nasty. im just a mush right now… yes more than usual lol :slight_smile:

I just got an appt to hopefully adjust my meds. I’ll let ya all know In a bit. Scotty Caveman hugs

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Patience is the name of the game @HuckFinn
Hang in there buddy!


im going back up to 5mg Zyprexa tonight @Wave

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I liked Zyprexa it’s a good solid med.
How much Vraylar? @HuckFinn

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6mg still. He says the dizziness may pass in about a week but if not give a call

I got a lot of dizziness with Vraylar also - maybe it will pass with you.

Good luck @HuckFinn with everything!

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Well the doc said if it doesn’t in a week call and he’ll cut it a bit. Ty @Wave

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