My Hubble Telescope Joke

I used to dabble in writing comedy, but I’ve forgotten most of my creations. I think my best joke was when The Hubble Telescope was in the news. It went like this…

“They say The Hubble Telescope is so powerful, scientists can peer down from Outer Space and see exactly what you’re doing on your own front lawn. And I’m thinking GREAT! One MORE place I can’t masturbate!”



Have any of you written your own jokes before? I’d love to hear some of them!


“Canadians are so polite we say ‘thank you’ to ATM machines.”

That was another one I penned. :wink:


My brother is the funniest guy in the world.

He bought some sideburns dye at a Dollar Store last year. He said he applied the dark dye to his sideburns in the mirror…and in 30 seconds he looked like the world’s biggest a$$hole!!


So we called the product “Instant A$$hole Sideburns”!


The other day I came up with a pretty simple joke that made my boyfriend laugh. :stuck_out_tongue: It goes as follows:

A man walks into a brothel and asks, “Where’s the broth?!”


@anon39054230 I had a laugh…

Hang in there matey. You confuse me with those music postings. It’s something I can’t get meaning out of even though it’s big meaning to you. I’ve been there in the past and hope your on the path to wellness.

Music is enjoyment. It’s not about messages on quantum levels for most folk…Just saying.


…and she never lost her sense of humour, because what she don’t have she can’t lose.

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