My how times have changed!

Tonight there were hundreds or thousands of lightning bugs in the yard. I sent the boys out to catch some remembering how much I liked them when I was a kid, used to spend many summer hours catching them in a jar my grandma would give me. But they thought they were cool but not the same they only were amazed a few minutes then wanted technology back.

And well I’m ok, taking responsibility for getting my mother to a liver doctor, even though I surely didn’t give her the hepatitis. But, my new motto is “it is what it is” not that let go and let god stuff anymore.

Have a good one.


The first time I saw a lightning bug(s), I was 22 years old, and in Kentucky (they just don’t have them West of the Rockies) I fell in love!
Grabbed as many as I could and put them inside the hotel room, doubt the maid the next day was happy, but I sure had fun!

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Yeah their beautiful.

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That is where I live-and they are just now starting to come out. They are really magical to watch when you are away from the city lights and out in a big field. AAAhhh

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They are everywhere here in North GA! Caught them in mason jars as a child, we used them for “lanterns”. Still love them.


Aw, I so envy you getting to watch these, but don’t envy the humidity there.

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Poor lightning bugs, it’s like a beacon shining out to everything that wishes to eat you, “here i am! come and get it!”

Thats horrible!

The kids to, some of the kids like to torture them, yes the truly awful creation that is a lightning bug.

Pretty lights though.

Wow, we don’t get lightning bugs in South Africa. They must be beautiful to watch! How they light up like that I wonder…

I found a few of them zooming around in Springfield, MA in the city park, forest park. Just stood there amazed and traced their flying.

I’m not sure what makes them light up. But the neat thing is that their lights go off and on, say every 5 - 10 seconds, and totally silent. So when there are many of them around it looks like twinkling lights, it’s very pretty and peaceful.

I don’t believe anyone can duplicate the light within these bugs…light without heat was something I was interested in but no one seemed to be able to explain how it’s done.

Kindof cool