My housemate in the group home is £9000 in debt to the council

He’s in £9.000 in debt to the council who provide his daily support. He has to pay £400 a month in care costs. He has Aspergers and is terrible with his disability benefits, they are taking him to court. £400 a month in care costs is a 3rd of is monthly disability payments. He only has 17 hours one-to one support a week from support workers in the group home.

Because I’ve been on a section 3 with severe SZA I don’t need to pay anything towards my supports costs. I get 32 hours one-to-one support a week.

My other housemate is developmental disabled pays less for is support then my Aspergers housemate. Does this mean ASD is seen as less severe than severe SZA or developmental disability?

The Aspergers housemate isn’t not bothered about his debt to the council. If me I would be terrified!

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Maybe you can help him out?

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