My housemate bought a cap with this printed on it:

NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME. I think that we szs aren’t the only ones who wonder about people.


Ugh, the people who want to be crazy, quote from and watch American Horror Story, because they think it’s cool, bother me.
I tried to watch that show, it was trying too hard and was so boring.

I’ve got a jumper signed: I TOLD MY THERAPIST ABOUT YOU and the word THERAPIST looks like THE RAPIST but in my country people don’t get it, fortunatelly I guess.

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They know they scare you.


Bullies aren’t much more then cowards them self @chordy. Some how you have given them power that they are better then you. They aren’t normal. It’s getting a low as 1 in 3 have a diagnosed mental illness. That just means we don’t have a diagnosis or treatment for what the other 2 in 3 have.

I wouldn’t want to be caught with that jumper (or did you mean bumper.) :disappointed_relieved:

I like jokes sometimes, but there are certain things that are not funny in certain environments. like I never joke about forced intimacy on the forum. I can talk about almost anything with my brother though, because he’s cool and funny. :slight_smile:

but yeah, if someone wore something that scared me or agitated me, I would keep my distance. like for instance, I saw this person on who had this shirt that said “I only date billionaires.” so I just used the Hide feature and problem solved. :smile:

real life isn’t that simple though. that’s one of the reasons why I probably don’t try to make too much friends. my paranoid schizophrenia makes me easily scared or agitated, and I believe that many simple things can give out messages. :disappointed_relieved: