My house work

I started finishing this room in my basement. I’m going to have a crowded house for a bit but I think it will cover the 40k that I need for my masters. The masters should take about 3 years. My energy got a little bit lower I think when I increased the latuda I don’t run everyday anymore. My undergrad is ee so I have to take some required undergrad classes for the csci program. Going to charge 550 for this room it’s the biggest bedroom in the house.

Here’s the rest of my basement where another room will go. The water in my basement went away after I had gutters put up yay.

Does anyone want to see the cabinets I built for the kitchen before I got sz? Someone helped with the uppers while I was sick wish I could say I did it.

Hopefully the finished pictures are too far away.


sure, show the cabinets too.

This is my kitchen.


Wow you are a handy guy good on you for taking initiative

Any particular reason for going from ee to compsci? Do you just really like coding?

I went from mech eng to nuc eng masters because I really like modern physics but I also like doing practical work

I like writing code more than doing the math. I’m hoping that coding grows on me more as I get into it. I am interested in nuclear stuff a little also. I also really enjoy making money and there seems to be a lot of opportunity to make money in coding. I was working with hardware a lot at my last job and I was more into the little bit of coding that I did. I also think chemical engineering is really neat I almost majored in that but I was worried it would be to hard.