My house got vandalized today

Came home for a big surprise our house had been vandalized today. There were huge scratch marks on the floor and our toilet seat was up. They stole our expensive light fixtures and left dirty hand prints on our clean white walls. My family was so disheartened today. I don’t know if this was a hate crime or what? Who would go through all the trouble in doing all this?

did you call the cops?

idk why people do things like this :frowning:

sad really

That’s awful. What did the police say?

What a violation. How horrible.

That would terrify me. Hope the cops capture the punks that did it.

Whoever did it was probably pretty young. Kids are less apt to appreciate the effects of their actions. They sure need some kind of disciplinary action, though.

dirty handprints on your white walls are perfect… to figure out who did it.
I’m sorry this happened to you. :frowning:

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