My hostile brainwashing in the prodrome prevented me from moving toward a lecturer of Mathematics

Now I am ANGRY.
I do not know who is to blame, but it happened on Israeli soil.

The biggest hurdle for you is the refusal to engage with treatment that may well help you.


There is a nice article that relates to that subject that I’ve read recently … it’s about something called ‘the survivorship bias’: … , here’s first 2 paragraphs from it:

Luck plays a significant role in business success. Not just in the mere fact of success, but in the magnitude of any given company’s triumphs. We tend to overlook this reality because of a mental distortion called survivorship bias. It is a common cognitive failure, and a dangerous one because it obscures the distastefully harsh nature of the world.

We love to fantasize that emulating the habits of extraordinary entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Elon Musk will catapult the most talented imitators to the stars. In reality, there are plenty of would-be titans of industry who simply weren’t in the right place at the right time. Even with a great product, they could have failed to make the crucial personal connection that would have accelerated their endeavor to the next level.

The rest of the article:

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You mention brainwashing a lot.
Could you please specify what you categorize as brainwashing?

I wish you’ll achieve your mathematical objectives, math is the nice field to explore and study, I wish you overcome all brainwashing.

A plant manipulated me :space_invader: :crazy_face:

I was brainwashed when I was tortured under the influence of drugs. During the end who I thought was my friend calls me on the phone and says “YOUR EGO”. And I say “I KNOW”. And then I became obsessed beyond your wildest imaginations about the word ego and why it’s bad. It really screwed with me and I consider it brainwashing. After all those drugs have been used as brainwashing tools by the cia in the 50s

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