My hospital experience

Spent 20 hours in the er and then they sent me tk a hospital that is an hour away. It was actually great. They made you get up out of bed so I actually participated and got to talk to two people there quite a lot. I’ve never really been able to socialize like that. They put me on abilify again and it brought my appetite back. I’m able tk eat and sleep and I feel happy and have accepted my break up and that she abused me the entire time. I also accepted that I have a problem with Marijuana, so I resolved to drop all intoxicants n general. It’s been 2 or 3 weeks since I had pot anyway and I don’t miss it. So I have hope. Plus being out of an enabling abusive relationship helps. I tried to stop pot several times but she never wanted to so I always went back. No more. I’m also moving to a new city asap. I’m so excited to get my life back on track. I really was so unhappy with her and was in huge denial about that. Codependency is a real thing.


I identify with your situation. I expect some highs and lows for you for awhile as you clean out from substances and abusive relationships.


One of the most important things I did for my recovery is not having friends who did drugs. If you really want to quit pot than don’t put yourself in situations where the temptation is there. You know if you hang around people who drink a lot or do a lot of drugs that they are going to offer you some. And if you really want to quit, then don’t hang around places where a lot of drugs are being used.


I’m glad you’re quitting substance abuse. It sounds like the hospital stay was just what you needed. Moving could be very beneficial to you


I’m very grateful that I went and got sent there. Many things in the universe are aligning to get me in this healthy mindset. I’m very excited for the future


I’m happy for you @Moon

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those are good things, good luck with your new life

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