My horror short story so far

Second story I’ve written . i submitted my first story to a contest but didn’t get anything back.

I have quite an odd end in mind for this story, but i’ve only written the first half…

If you don’t have time to read the whole thing that’s alright.

Here it is:

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I just skimmed over it.

Not bad man.

Good basis for a plot. Something my mind would have never came up with. I’m typically averse to thinking of death.

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I really enjoyed it. Very interesting and creative writing. Good job! :+1:

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I will wait for the movie, I’m sure it’s great! I have the attention span of a cat. Plus I’m at work, so can’t read long stuff.

Glad you are writing, give me some time to look it over.

Contests are typically set ups for failure I’ve learned, and not always indicative of your talent.

For instance, they may want a theme or a type of writing that is so far flung its virtuely out of this realm.

Don’t let it be a stopping point.

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New shoes @Daze?

It’s quite creepy, but very good.

I’m unsure how the connection with books makes him a ghost, or a forlorn soul bent on delusions.

I understand the charges placed against him, but maybe he could have a history, like maybe connecting to ghosts from the past in these books.

Collecting books is a very good subject, and I would maybe bring out more of what he gleamed off of them.

but, really, it’s a great story, thanks for sharing.

Ha! Old shoes, baby, the worn and true ones that never fail.

You know, like the fit of a good glove.

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Thanks! :wink:

15 characters

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You’ve got me wondering what is going to happen next. You’re doing a good job of building tension. Pretty creepy.

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waiting for the rest.nice job