My hopes and dreams

i wish i could meet someone who will love me forever and me her,

someone who looks like an angel and treats me like a king

i also wish i had a big house and a car

but the main thing is someone to share it with forever

i want the perfect family with 3 kids who i will help nurture and guide through life

i wish i had all of these things but i never seem to be able too,

i cant date because idk how, i’d just like to meet a nice girl :frowning:

is it wrong for me to want to be sooo normal and do normal things?

I think you have nice dreams, not unrealistic at all. It’s good to have goals in mind of what you want to achieve in life. When you meet the right person you’ll know it. Get yourself out there and meet people. Good luck to you.


I think they are great dreams and certainly not wrong to want them. They are not so easily obtained and when it does happen it is far from perfect. It’s butting heads, babies crying, washing machine overflowing and the phone ringing… It’s sometimes dragging your butt out of bed for work and to make lunches and find missing shoes when you are already late… It’s also cuddling on the couch while watching a movie and watching your kids sleep… It’s a lot of things :smile:

My current happy place is in my hubby’s arms. I didn’t find him until I was 39. She is out there…


dreams do come true, but sometimes we just have to wait a little longer.
take care


@Resilient1 You might not find your dreams, but they will find you. When your looking for the “HOT” girl, you might find her not so hot but totally amazing and loving friend how adores you and enjoys your company.

I’ve seen too many men end up in a bad marriage to a “trophy wife” Sure the woman looked like an angel, but she was as nasty and selfish as the devil.

I don’t care if they look like an angle as long as they have patience and a kind heart. I’ve meet too many “HOT” chicks who are just snotty, and self-absorbed and not nice in any way.

I don’t really want to be treated like a king. I’d rather be a friend. I’d trade the big house for a small one on the beach. Kids three is low number in our family. But I can’t guess what will happen.

You don’t have to know how to date… just start off being a friend. Then you have a better chance of things moving slower, lasting longer and ending up with the girl of your dreams when you were looking else where.


Yeah that is the last thing I want is a trophy wife, the person I am looking for has to have more to her than that (beauty is only skin deep)

My girl has to be smart and funny and interested in what I have to say, I definitely don’t want her to try and change who I am though.

When I say treated like a king I dont mean with all of the hiers and graces or riches and pomp, I just mean held in high esteem, respected to the hilt and honoured beyond all measure (all the good things a king should be)

I don’t need a castle just a roof over our heads and some food will do.

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Maybe Dorothy said it best.

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