My heartless frenemy

I recently fell asleep at my heartless frenemie’s. I’ve done that before, and have always hidden my keys, because I don’t trust him, and I never know if he’s leaving the door unlocked. He had offered to pay for 2 nights at a motel, for $167.00, because I am homeless again. I went there and decided not to stay, and got him a credit for $167.00. He’s always saying, he could loan money, but I’ve never borrowed. Well, I forgot to hide my key and it was stolen and my vitamins were ruined. This is a more serious situation for me, so I asked if he could give me the money to change my lock, since I wasn’t staying at the motel. He refused, and I think it’s because he knows something about it, or wants me to have a problem about this. He said I lost it somewhere else, but I always check for it, and have had it for 7 years. He didn’t think it was taken there, I asked: “Why were my vitamins ruined then?”. I took some at his house, when I got there, and they were alright. When I told him the vitamins were ruined, he said I was crazy. Probably because he wants me to take bad vitamins. Do you think I should sue him?

Not sure what to think about this

Woah, what do you mean, sue him? I thought you said you were homeless

Because, it is covered by his homeowner’s insurance. My key was stolen and I know the person who did it, ruined my vitamins. Their dna is on them. but i’m sure they wouldn’t do a dna test for this matter.

I decided not to stay at the motel, because I could tell a stalker, was in the room next door.

I don’t think I should have to pay, when he is the type of person, who would want this to happen. It could have been him, for all I know. Once, when I was at his house, I went to the restroom, and had a brand new coat. When I returned, there was something bad, on my coat and he was the only one there. And once, he brought me a coke from McDonald’s, that tasted like a dog. I didn’t drink it. I think he’s the one who’s nuts. He’s bipolar.

Sorry, you sound unstable. “Vitamins ruined because someone’s DNA is on them” doesn’t make a lick of sense. You don’t have DNA detection equipment, you’re just going by some kind of random whim you contrived. Like a thought / hallucination is telling you these things and you believe it. That’s not how reality works.

Please see the ER or a psychologist and tell him this story, you might get a med adjustment.


Did I say they were ruined, because someone’s dna was on them? I said they were ruined, and I know the person who did it, their dna is on them. I’m not unstable. Insecure a-holes, who have to ruin people’s vitamins and steal their keys are unstable. You sound like you’re unstable, because you’re unable to think logically.

I’m sorry for coming across so harshly, I was in a bad mood.

If you know firsthand that someone touched your vitamins against your wishes, then I guess you have reason to be angry, regardless of your rationale. It’s just important to have that first-hand evidence, and not just guess at things.

When I was prodromal, I used to think everything was poisoned, even the things my family was making me. If I could go back in time and tell myself otherwise I would say to be more objective about things, and not just “guess” that people were poisoning me.

In what way were the vitamins ruined?

They’re contaminated. I’d been taking them for weeks and they were fine. I can’t take them now.

That’s alright. But I know they were contaminated.

I don’t mean to worry you, but the thing about DNA is it’s everywhere, airborne and getting into everything, on dust particles. There’s no 100% sterile surface anywhere outside of a laboratory.

We have immune systems to fight off hostile organisms, so it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

How are they contaminated? What contaminated them?

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I know that, but I had been using those vitamins for weeks. After staying at my ex friend’s, I couldn’t take them, without them causing pain. I don’t know if it was him. 2 other occasions, similar things happened.

Someone contaminated them with something, when I was asleep. I’d been using them for weeks.

I’m just going to be honest. You sound like you’re in a psychotic episode right now.


Well, I think most people who say things like that, are trying to control people for negative and dishonest reasons.

No, I just want you to get help. I don’t even know you, so I have no reason to want to control you. I’m just telling you how you sound like to me.

If you look at my account, you can see that I’ve been a member here longer than you have, so I’m not some kind of stalker.


But you’re not telling us the evidence. I think it’s a delusion

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