My heartbeat is wrong

My heart feels like it’s beating too heavy.
I’ve tried taking my pulse, but I have no idea about pulse taking.
It feels strong, too strong. Hestitant, but quick.
Breathing is also heavy. Kinda dizzy.
Could it be the seroquel or risperdin doing this?
Low blood sugar?
Beginning of menstrual period?

What could cause this?
How do I alleviate it?

My chest feels like it’s vibrating and it’s scaring me.

I would suggest that you go and have an ekg done just to be sure. They are quick and painless and this will hopefully help to ease your mind.

I personally have a feeling that you are just paying too much attention to your heartbeat and it is worrying you unnecessarily though. I have done this before.


yea id agree, i have heart problems to a lot of the time and someone on here who has a stroke or something told me to make sure to always check because its not a joke. hope youre okay…

have you had energy drinks or coffee today?

You can buy blood pressure monitors at the pharmacy that will tell you your pulse, blood pressure and whether or not you heart rate is erratic or stable (They detect an irregular heartbeat). I have one. You can also buy an oximeter that will tell you your blood oxygen levels, I have one of those too.

Just one espresso, usually I have a lot more.

@Headspark and others:
This happens from time to time. Had frequent ekgs a few years ago, everything was fine. Same with bp.

I’ve never been tested during these “episodes” though

That is why I bought these devices. Whenever they tested me at the doctors office I was fine, I wanted to know what was going on when I wasn’t fine.

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When I recently went in to the ER after they gave me and EKG and got no nothing abnormal on it, they gave me a holter monitor for a day so they could keep track of my heartbeat for a whole day. If you don’t feel like purchasing your own device, this might be an option.

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Some online friends suggested I may be having a panic sttack.
How do i make it go away?

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It does sound like a panic attack. You can try breathing exercises and focusing your mind on something, but honestly, in the short term, a benzo works best.

In the long term learn CBT, that helped me.

Panic attacks are caused by the amygdala, a part of your brain.

Sometimes sticking my head in the freezer helps me. Weird, I know. :woozy_face: :cold_face:

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It’s continued today.
My heart seems to skip every 5th-10th beat and my chest is heavy

You had better see a doctor and if the ekg turns out fine ask to wear a holter monitor for a day or two to catch whatever is going on.

It may be nothing to worry about but if it’s been bothering you for a couple days you should have it checked out…if only for peace of mind.

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I’m trying to see if I can shift some funds around so I can see a doctor.
My breathing is getting heavier and I’m feeling a little panicky, like I’m not getting enough air.I

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Can’t you just go to the ER? I’m not sure what country you are in but here in the US, they treat you first. You worry about payment later. A doctor at a clinic may not be able to give you an ekg. The ER in the hospital would though. When I contacted my family doctor about issues I thought I was having with my heart they told me to go the ER.

My Medicare insurance covered the vast majority of my visit when I got my heart checked.

It could be a panic attack. But always rule out physical issues first. My primary doctor can do ekg’s in the office. I get one every year. Call your primary dr and ask if they do ekg’s in the office. If not, you can go to the ER.

I hope you’re ok

Go see a doctor immediately @Miika

I’m ok. My pulse seems regular again