My heart is broken as Liverpool have just blown the league


To those not familiar with the great game that is soccer…Liverpool have spectacularly blown the English League this very minute. It was horrid for me, a Liverpool fan to watch…absolutely horrid…Liverpool were winning 3-0 with 15 minutes to go against minnows Crystal Palace, but ended up drawing the game 3-3. Absolutely bloody awful…I feel sorry for the Liverpool manager…

Liverpool 3-3 Crystal Palace …I think this is probably karma balancing out for Liverpool after they snatched the European Cup against AC Milan a few years ago. In that game they were 3-0 down at half time but won the game…trust me this is just luck balancing out…

You’ll never walk alone!!


Pulis has worked wonders at Palace. Liverpool have done well to challenge given last year’s position. However i think they were helped by no matches in Europe. How they do next season with the added commitment of Champions league football will be interesting.


I’m sorry about this, but Thank you for the heads up. There are three guys on my work team who will be heart broken too. At least I’ll know this going in today.