My 🤕 is gonna 🗯

I feel like there is a huge weight on top of my head! :frowning:

6th day cigarette free. I am vaping still a little bit to calm down.

I feel productive though, finished a lot of work and have good energy again. I am just all over crazy with anger.
Can I eat something or drink something which would make me less irritated? I don’t want to take a medication. :frowning:

Yesterday I was so irritated, I just left everything and went to bed. I am glad I slept though, sleeping is my good escape right now.

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Do you drink cofeee ?

Hopefully you can struggle through, most I have talked to that have quit say the first two weeks is the worst

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:frowning: yeah I had a cup of coffee on empty stomach actually like everyday. I do not want to eat anything!!!

I want to know too. Yesterday I took Zolpidem to calm me down.

Thumbs up for you.

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Thats a sleeping tablet…

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I think eating something very sweet helps as it gives endorphins? and calms down also fried fries I guess But I have no appetite! Maybe I will have a shot of a heavy liquor :flushed: but a sweet one

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Yes, it took me about 2 hours to sleep.

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I’m not sure painkillers will help but ibuprofen or Advil as you call it in America might help

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I just tried it two days ago, a warm water with plenty of sugar. It greatly stimulated my brain but I am not sure if endorphin was released.

Try appetizer.

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Sounds like nicotine withdrawal. It’ll pass. Keep vaping, 6 days without a cigarette is great !


I took some pills and gonna smoke for a while. I have a client who does not want to pay me 15-25 bucks for some files and she is expecting me to do it for free :unamused: Usually I do as 25 bucks is not a lot but I am sick and tired of being nice

First three weeks without cigs are THE WORST. Stay bizzy – harder to think about those missing cigs if your mind is occupied. Go for walks. Find things to keep your mouth busy (toothpicks, chewing on a straw, something) for tactile satisfaction.



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