My guardian is being a D again

So three weeks ago I called my guardian for help filling out my housing application. He refused to come here. He’s seen his other client here twice in that time. It’s fine he likes him better but he has a job to do.

Thing is this other client has history of substance abuse issues. He tells meandering tales of jobs that don’t add up. He says he has training as a professional cook but can’t translate fractions between measurements and talks about goofy recipes he makes up.

I can tell he’s lying because, even though I’m not at foodie status I’m not a slouch at cooking.
He knows nothing about cooking. He says he’s had all these jobs as a cook but they never add up.

So basically, my guardian might like him because they might be the same sort of person.

So I might have to find an alternate means to be able to hand my application in, because my guardian is worthless.

I called him about that and he won’t return my calls.

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I went to the care coordinator or basically boss of the house and she got him to come over today.

Perfect day for it too. No group. I don’t think he would have otherwise.

I can’t forgive him for the way he criticized me for not getting enough work in my first few months here. He came at me with a very smug, aggressive attitude.

I think he had expected me to lie like the other guy and say I had done all these wonderful things. Sounds crazy but it might be true.


Maybe it’s true, but maybe it isn’t. Be careful not to go to war against the team you have around yourself, I don’t think anything good comes out of that.


Well, it’s good you don’t want to just make stuff up. Just be polite. It’s all you can really do.


Good advice from both of you @Mr_Hope and @Pianogal.

My time to renew Guardianship is up soon.
I wonder if he intends to con/intimidated me into agreeing long term.

I won’t. I can’t even have the medical doctor I want under that. I will renew but that’s ridiculous.


Can you go without guardianship?

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I will need the help of the charity organization he is part of when I move out of here.

Plus it manages my rent here and how much money I get back.

A bit in the future?


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Well, good luck with all of it. I hope you get the help you need.

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Thanks @Pianogal :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure what the guardian business is about. But I say trust your Gut. And given off what you say about the two characters - I’d say; you have reason to be feel hard done.

Good luck with what happens. I’m sure it gets better.

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Thanks, @Malik_27.

You have to find the best way to cope with the situation. If you think your guardian is intractible you might have to humor him and do most of what you need for yourself. If it is something you can’t do for yourself you might have to pester him. Watch out for your own hostility, because if you alienate your guardian further it might push him further away from you. Could you get a different guardian?

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May I ask what is a guardian and in what context is one appointed to you :slight_smile:

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I’m staying in a group home and the guardian is supposed to be here to help me with food, medicine, shelter and general affairs.

Soon after I get out I’ll have no need nor use for one.

Part of the reason may be that my abusive mother kept having me hospitalized, then demanded guardianship and power of attorney.

I believe she thought she could seize all or most of my money. That’s not how those roles function. In the past she has demanded her name on my snap benefits so she could spend them on herself. Through most of my teen years she took my cash benefits and left me with next to nothing.

I’m dead serious. I’d ask her for 10 bucks of MY money and she’d say “I’m not made out of money”

The most insane thing is the witch wasn’t poverty stricken. Over the last 20 years she’s worked in one factory or another.

I do know this. My hospitalizations bought her a lot of time off work. She took so many days off while mostly visiting me on weekends.

Before you call me pathetic-know this. When I started talking about making plans to leave within months she had me hospitalized.

When I had a place lined up no one would help me move my stuff. I was emotionally abused, particularly as a child and minor. You could say there were issues more serious than that.

This group home and possibly the guardianship may have been the only way I could escape.

So I was told today I would hand in my housing application at 1:30. My guardian was instead at a meeting and after contacting several people he said I don’t have to deliver it in person.

But no one told me that ahead of time.
I was not a happy camper.

So my guardian has renewed my Guardianship behind my back.

This is freaky.

He said he renewed it in August, about a month before the year is up.

He did come here to help with my application and clear some things up.

My counselor offered to be there if/when I meet with the magistrate about this basically illegal action.

It’s clear that I get preference when and how long I renew but this isn’t what happened.