My grocery store routine

When I run out of coffee creamer I need to go to the grocery store cuz I live in that stuff. I go to the store. Grab a basket. Fill it up to the brim. Usually get creamer, cheap steak, fried chicken, chips, 1 thing of fruit, and 1 other item. Comes to 30-40$. Use the self checkout line for people with under 12 items. I click “forgot my card” on the screen even though I don’t have a grocery store card but I get big savings from that! Leave. Usually I’m in the store for a total of 4 mins 46 seconds on average. Repeat every week or 2.

I’m such a sza man…a girl once told me “ur good at the grocery store for a guy”. But still I have all the typical habits of a man at the grocery store especially one with a paranoid illness. Okay wish me luck. Bbl.


Success! Spent $37 and got more than usual.

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Oh dang I forgot coffee!!! What good does coffee creamer do if I have no coffee!!

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i try to stay around 6$ to 6.5$ per day. i shop on friday and monday. so friday i spend at least 18$, and on monday i spend at least 24$. i used to shop once a week, but a week-worth of groceries is very heavy, especially since the grocery store is far away. at least it give me an excuse to go walking on 2 days and be active.

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I like your routines :thumbsup:

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i also try to go for variety when i get foods. if i buy 3 boxes of the same cereal, i get bored, lose my appetite, and end up wasting my money. same goes for meat, chicken nuggets (all the time) isn’t appealing. I’ve learned to buy other pre-cooked meats like foot long sausages, shrimp, ham, bacon, sausage patties, etc. it’s kinda tricky though, because i have to make sure the meat’s pre-cooked or easily heatable.

I almost bought cereal but no room in my basket

I did get hotdogs, hotdog buns, and French fries, which I usually don’t get. Got everything else I usually get though. Need coffee. I wonder if the store on the corner I can walk to sells it. I hope.

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Good that you can do your own grocery shopping.

I used to have such difficulties going out that I could not go shopping.

Internet online shopping can be good and all you do is pick it up.
You chose items and pay online and then either have it delivered home or pick it up oneself.

I can go grocery shopping now but going out /leaving the home is a big deal for me.

I do the same, I use a basket and get about 30 a week in groceries, once or twice a year I get a cart and spend about 100 getting stuff you don’t have to buy often


i’m about to go to the grocery store right now. usually check the papers for cereal on sale, but the boring cereal is so cheap that i don’t have to. see you all in an hour

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My routine involves going in with a shopping list, then buying those things plus a whole lot more, and spending around $50. Do that about every 5-6 days.

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