My gripes against this movie

I really have trouble watching the movie “Miss Congeniality”. It took me a while to figure out what was wrong with it. This movie does make some good points about female roles and female stereotypes, but it is heavy handed with the stereotypes, and the actions are forced, and because of that they ring hollow. The writer of this movie does have some talent, but I think they need to rewrite this one.

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It was released in 2000. If they made the movie now I assume it would be more relevant to the current climate. Nowadays, if you are looking at anything over 10 years old you have to let a few things slide. Think of it like a history lesson.

Is that the movie where she ate pizza and beer and all the models were aghast?

I didn’t watch all that much of it, but there is a scene where she eats pizza and drinks beer with other beauty pageant contestants.

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But that is usually what is wrong with most bad movies.

That’s a fair comment. It did only score 6.4/10.

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