My greatest come back


The universe doesn’t just hand you stuff, Pedro.

You have to work for it.

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i am on ‘‘disabilty’’ what can i do?

You brag about being completely without symptoms all the time,

You tell me what you can do.

Sounds like you could probably do a lot if you’re as well off as you keep telling us you are.

There was a guy at college who a stripper appeared at his dorm room, and when he opened the door she pulled her quick released pants off. He was amazed by the whole thing. It turned out that the stripper had gotten the wrong address. He said that just before she showed up he was thinking, “I sure would like to see a naked woman today.” So see, sometimes the universe does give you what you want.

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the people that won d lotto?

did they have 2 work 4 it? a big fat ‘‘no’’

so why keep saying 2 me the same thing?

get over it

You post the same memes about the universe constantly!

When we all try to ignore you, you keep bumping the thread.

Don’t tell me to stop,

You stop.

Oy vey,

This guy.

look just avoid my threads ok

I’ll be looking out my front door today to see if a dump truck unloads a massive pile of Coffee Crisp chocolate bars in my drive, in that case.

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I enjoy your posts Pedro.

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i am glad 2 knw this @GEDchill

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