My grandmother said there was never such thing as "the good old days"

My grandmothers survived the Great Depression. They approached things differently but a world where medical science without things like antibiotics and other things was a crazy world for me.

I think nostalgia is a thing but the old people I’ve met always talk about the past with rose coloured glasses. I just think as you age you think more about things being the highlights so to speak. It all just blurs into memories that might not be too accurate.

Like I’m 53 this year and I’ve fond memories of things as a child even with some dramas in between. It’s totally natural I think to consider that past to be " Golden " as it’s removed from actual experience by time!


I miss my childhood.

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I was watching TV one time with one of my grandmas and someone said ass in a commercial and she said she couldn’t believe they said that. She was born in the 1930s and is a really religious Christian.

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