My GP told me to get off Facebook

I STILL check it obsessively it’s really not healthy and i also go over my stupidity whilst I had the episode over and over. I delete my account but I create a new one just before an ep.

Are you currently on it? Or is the account deleted?

I limit myself to pretty much just this site these days…

During my psychosis, my internet persona collided with my real life personality and drove me to near extinction.

I believe moderation of on-line habits is the key. My 11 year old girls don’t even know how to text yet…and that’s a good thing. They’re still avid readers thankfully.

I always say, “You have your whole life to be an adult, but you’re only a kid once.”


Well one thing you could try is creating a facebook profile with a fake name and not “friending” anyone you actually know in real life, just join a bunch of groups with a fake name and just an object photo as your profile pic, like an animal or whatever you want.

Then you can still use the FB page for expressing yourself and socializing with others in various groups or whatever, but if you become symptomatic and start posting things that would later embarrass you or cause you problems, well it’s fine because the whole profile was fake and nobody knows who you actually are anyway.


I’m on it I can’t help it even though I should not be. It’s weird. I create one every time I get symptomatic. I don’t know think it’s signs of mania

Do you think you’re able to do what turnip said? Create an anonymous account?

I could try this I suppose. This way I can create as many as I like without being a neuciance.

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NO Facebook here… bad voodoo…

I hope you can manage to delete your account. There are so many articles and studies about how FB is bad for peoples health… even healthy people get affected by Fb…

I hear it can be addicting.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


I must be one of the lucky ones as I’ve never had a major problem with FB. On a few occasions I have had to unfriend people but it was done without hassle. I post general,mental health and political links/pictures/memes ,personal commentary, have joined several groups that I post on occasionally.

Maybe this sounds extreme but I thought I read somewhere that frequent FB use actually shows similar brain activity as meth addiction…

I think @Patrick is most right on this and the key is moderation.

I will delete it completely but right now I don’t know how to control it.

Well I think just using it less will help.

I think it’s too hard to just cut something out completely. Usually there is some lingering feelings that, at least for me, cause restlessness.


I used to have three FBs for my three different lives. My ‘friends’ FB for my high school friends I was ashamed to admit to that I was SZ, my Family FB for my family and the friends I did tell. And finally my Role PLay FB for the people I meet role playing online. Sadly my RP FB has me as married to my DEAD GF with three kids >.< Its an unhealthy thing I know but it gives me a sense of closure really. I’ve had to remake my Friends FB several times after posting stupid stuff while manic, I always says its an EX hacking my account and trying to ruin my life.