My goverment made me to poor to leave my house.....By Dr Zen

I started receiving funds back in the eighties with several trials and errors of working, with a working past history in which my ssi is based off of, was also all I had to live off. It got me an apartment in a scummy part of town, did not provide enough food… so I reverted to food stamps which was 16 dollars at the time. Churches donated cloths and furniture, nowa days most don’t, but I never imagined I would save enough money for a trip, I finally married a person with the same illness and income which allowed us enough income to barrow from bank, this however was not enough as the government took 200 from each of our ssi checks declaring it a marriage penalty, struggling to do what most normal people do like buying a house or car, was no easy task. we took an old house that was torn up, and totally created a new home, we took an old car and sold it for the down payment on a used mini van so you ask me how it is I’m so poor I cant leave my house, well its because the government decides how one would live an average life based on one scale built way back when it was first established, since then everybody and, I do mean EVERYBODY has jumped on the band wagon thinking there model is the only valid model to making the system work and ive seen money spent from these funds on war weapons, disasters in other countries, helping companies stay afloat so normals can work and now I’m getting ready to see a wall built, my average pay back in the day was 3.75 for top labor, now competing with 30/hour doing the same job. come on what has happened to the government I used to know, are they to poor to leave there house also.


I think ssi or income assistance as it is here, should pay for your food by weight. If you weigh 300lbs you need more than someone who is 100lbs.

Makes me wish I lived in sweden or finland or one of those places where wellfare is actually enough to live on.

It’s not welfare. We paid into the system, our relatives paid into it. We had to work for a certain amount of income before we could get it.


why is the word welfare in synonymous with admitting to committing crimes against humanity, People associate it with genocide or any kind of attrocities. people have the same feelings toward welfare

I earned my disability check. I get more because I paid more. I used to be ashamed of the check every month, but I am proud to be poor.