My goverment gave me 0€ since my disability

I tried to claim anything, but they said i dont have enough work time do, trying to claim from UK but i bern waiting for one year and only got a reply that i need to fo self assessment (which i done) but my both psychiatrists refuse to write anything even in my language or even to sign the papers. I spent 12months not getting a penny because i have disability. Ive bern living from my mom’s pocket. I recently found a job. I work as a barista and work for a minimum wage. My mom has been calling all institutions to no avail. Today we went to social inatitution from which we hope at least get a single payment because of this nonsense happening

Im sorry in the same situation, denied pip three times… with the employment support I believe you can work part time im not sure

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I used to be on pip but not anymore. I’m recovering apparently so I’m not entitled anymore

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