My gosh, i am ill since forever, is it possible?

I guess its possible. ive suffered so much but dont be nice to me now. there were some bad things in my head also… but it wasn’t a real life. ive went through school, college and a bit of a university all being ill. how could the others couldn’t see that I am sick? ive lost all but in fact, I never had it. I am a coward, aggressive because of this illness sometimes, mean, bad, nice, genius, mad,lost, all… its time to be sane wow… a karma? what the ■■■■… ive watched an interview where the doc said that he would become mad at his own turn if he had the life of a schizophrenic… my mother keeps saying it wasn’t so bad at my house, she doesn’t believe in the psychological aspect of the illness. but poor communication at my house, my father who beats my mom and my sister with so much aggressivity? isn’t it enough? maybe its not, dnk… maybe its genetic yes… I dont know, I should suffer for my father too maybe. he knew only his work and quite an annoying life…

Why don’t they leave him if he beats them?

It is not karma or your fault you have sz. Could be genetics and environmental influence.

Try to breathe and relaxe. Look forward instead of what has been. I’ve been ill for atleast 7 years. My life is pretty normal now, even though I can’t focus, have negative symptoms and depression coming and going. Never thought I would get better. But I slowly do.


Hi comatose it really lovely to hearing good news from you. healing news are getting courage all people in this forum.i hope everybody can find a way for fight with their symptoms.


a good question. in my rage I was asking my mother the same. in fact, she is not from the country of my father and she said she was scared, she was all alone. plus the fact, that my father was an important person here at the local party and he was threatening her that he’ll take her kids (me and my sister)…

We’re all ill and we can chose to feel ill if we want to.

jump out of that seat throw a imaginary michrophone in the air shake your body and crack some soreness out of your body.

then just jump back in your seat grab a breath and get in your mind what success is to you.

How old is your sister?

That is a hard. My dad was also an “important” person. Liked by everyone but family. He was evil. He hit my mom and me, until I was 12 and hit back. Then he never touched me again. He did not speak to me for more than a week after that. When mom left, I left too. I was 16.