My good thing for today

I got a 100 on my pathophysiology exam :sun_with_face: The information is so interesting to me I absorb it very easily, and with my science background much of it I am already familiar with.

Today my feelings of happiness about this have been dampened by the knowledge that I could get 100s on all my exams in all my classes and still not have any future ahead of me if people were to find out about my mental health diagnosis. But I am trying to push that away and just be proud that I did well and studied smart.


congratulations. it’s nice when you have an interest in what you are studying.

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well done anna, i dont think i could do that :slight_smile:

That is great. My positive for Friday was getting out and singing on my treatment center’s karaoke machine. I didn’t care that my voice broke dishes. It was about having fun while no longer doing alcohol and/or drugs. The instructor of the weekly event was my age and knew a lot of the songs I did. We wound up singing “So Far Away” by Carole King together. Then I had my taxi ride home.

Went shopping today. That was my only real accomplishment for the day.

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