My goal, now, is a peaceful death

Hey, I’m 77 It’s the right place for me to be. For one thing, that means calming my anxiety. That should keep me busy for awhile.


I wish that for you and all of us really when the time comes. :peace_symbol:


We’ll all be sad and miss you when that comes to pass… @chordy. You’re still ‘the undisputed Matriarch of the forum’ as far as I know. ; ).

And you just don’t know - you may have really good longevity!!!

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I hope you have a lot of life left.


Move to Canada and you can have a peaceful death whenever you want…

I’ve already bought my cemetery plot next to friends here.

I’m 43 and I have nothing prepared. No will, no plot, nothing.

Go ahead and make plans. It will make it easier on your family if you do die unexpectedly.

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Yeah,I probably should.

I hope I have a peaceful death and afterlife if this happens.

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I had damn well better get a Viking funeral.


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