My goal is to have goals

I’m working on working on it.


I miss goals too, but now i at least have the goal to have a goal


My goal is to find job.


My goal is to write a poem about a goal
it helps to rhyme the word goal with soul
because I have the power, and I am in control
whole, total, totally cool I am no fool

maybe the goal should be sleep haha
but sleep rhymes with sheep its getting too deep
guess I will not sleep, not with a creep
flower rhymes with power and tower and hour
and this hour I suck because I am not in bed
and the world sucks because Its written in red

like TED talks and the undead.
forgot what I Just said. oh well
I know that bell rhymes with hell
but thats a bad smell
so this time I will be fun
rhymes with done

so done. so so done…whats wrong with me…
oh yeah, these stupid goals and poetry!!!


You jest, but this was literally my first goal in therapy. I had gotten so used to the idea that life would always suck, that I just stopped trying to make anything good happen.


Well, you could write a pretty inspiring post then. Because a younger guy about a month or two ago read my story and he said that it really helped because him and other schizophrenics often don’t have “hope” IRL. They don’t have anybody in their lives to tell them or show them that there is hope and they get much needed inspiration from success stories.

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My goal is still to be 200 lbs, im 252 now just 52lbs to go i hope i can do it, its hard.

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Yeah, my life sucked the first 2 1/2 years of my disease when I was psychotic. My disease dominated every part of my life. I didn’t even consider getting a job or going to school. I’ve done both those things now but those first years my life was strictly fighting not to go crazy.

But you just never know. Sometimes things work out if you
take your medication and just keep plugging away, We’ve all suffered but people on here have done some pretty fantastic (and cool) stuff in their lives despite the diagnosis.

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Maybe you’ve already accomplished everything?


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Thanks, then I’m retiring tomorrow.

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Congratulations :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve ridden about 400 miles this year and I was out of it for 6 weeks with a bad back.

I’m supposed to do 2021 miles in the year 2021.

I Haven’t done the math yet, but if your looking to kick me while I’m down divide 1600miles / 9 months left in the year / 30 days per month.

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