My goal is to experience true happiness

My dream is to have a special person and be in love with her…
My second dream is to be graphic designer and earn good enough to live comfortably
My third goal make everybody around me happy…I will make them happy when I will be happy

My fourth dream is to live bigger life travel with my special person meet new people ! Meet other artist share each other ideas

How I am gonna achieve that? I will make a plan and it doesn’t matter how hard it will be I will stay within my self my strengths always be optimistic and positive

I still have time I am doing very great last month or so…

The idea is to break the relay into pieces of luck joy success love creativity and other positive things and find them in everyday in every way…may my thoughts be kind…may I be at peace …and bring and support each other everyday in every way that life be better for all of us…happy living peace

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