My Genitals look gross

what can i do about it? i saw another member talk about her genitals but i am a man and my genitals look terrible. has anyone seen a mans genitals? they look gross

I took these ink blot tests online once. Some of the blots make you think of wide hips, a uterus, etc.

Those made me feel safe and everything. But the ones that took a form(I guess in my brain; but I can’t be the only one) of a mans’ parts were alarming and scary(was my reaction).

So I guess I sort of agree with you.

How do they perform in a blind taste test?

are you a woman

if it was on a menu it would be on im a celebrity get me out of here instead of the whichity grub

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No I’m male. It was this ‘company’ a link off of Yahoo, about 15 years ago, they had all these cool tests you could take. I just don’t remember what the point of the ink blot one was…

‘Tickle’ it was called my bad meant to include that

id like to know what women think about this. if i was a woman id be grossed out

tickle test sounds fun

I once was told it’s not what it looks like but what you do with it that counts.

And honestly, if a person loves you, they would not mind the specific look.

I had the same problem but it’s OK, if you don’t rush into sex and fall in love first. Then it’s not just about physical.

i think i’ll just be a loner all of my life

what kind of guys do you like?

TMI in my opinion.

your a grown up and we’re all adults. have you ever been in a shower in a gym and the guys are washing themselves?

And have you seen a vagina? They both look gross.

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id rather have a vag you know

Maybe you are trans?

maybe i just dont like my balls

i like the look of a womens parts but thats all, my own junk looks horrible buut i cant do anything about that

Balls are pretty gross.

I guess god didnt think about it when we evolved

whyd they have to dangle down like that? if i was god i’d havve shoved the balls inside where theyd be protected and not on show