My friend thinks i could adopt

i’m not so sure :frowning: :frowning:

You could privately.

if you think that you can be totally there for your kid and stable from 0 age to 30 years of age , and love them unconditionaly no matter what, and provide a safe and loving home, then go for it.
but if you have doubts i personally would not do it, it is a huge commitment.
in australia if you have sz you can not adopt !?!
take care

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It seems unlikely that a single, male, schizophrenic would be allowed to adopt. That’s nothing against you personally but a general observation.

Could you support a kid financially? For 18 years?

if i was to adopt a child i would get financial aid i think but thats not anything to do with me wanting a kid, maybe it is a dream of mine but i dont think i would be allowed, imagine the headlines in the newspaper ‘schizophrenic allowed to adopt’ imagine the uproar :frowning: its crazy, maybe if i had a job it might increase my chances.

@malvok " the man the myth the legend? " what of a schizophrenia forum. Haha

It’s just a test of the title feature. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

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