My friend next door I talk to every day

he has to be busy a lot of the time working on his fishing boat so I run to the liquor store and get him cigarettes when he runs out…he has seen a lot of rough times in bars, in the service (army), and is no one to cross…he sees things in life differently than me but I respect the man…he also says I need to get a job…I ran the idea by my wife and she reassured me I can’t work…so I paint art. not so bad. anyways…I love my friend next door…he has a lot on his plate and I feel bad for him.


Seem like a good guy.

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I meet a guy who went to prison 25 plus years, got out and died of cancer shortly after

@Cloudd3ad I am really sorry to hear that…I have lost many friends and family through out the years.

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