My friend is partying?

I just heard my friend’s dad passed away - and so I messaged him and he said - his friend was there so they are trying to get drunk. Is this a tradition?

I am not sure if he will open up anytime. weird?

anyway :slight_smile:

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drowning his sorrows?

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could be… I will just give it time and if he decides to open up - I’ll give him support.


My friend still has not said anything about his father passing away but yesterday he went to a concert?!

I am not sure if this is some sorta joke?!

Does anyone know any suggestion on how to address it?

Leave it alone.

His dad was either abusive throughout his life or he is bottling it up and it will come out on it’s own.

When someone you love dies it’s the perfect time for a drink, not for partying purposes though of course. They are gone and you need to be blunted at that prospect and the prospect of your own mortality.

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One of my friends own’s a bar and his father recently passed.

He had is own understanding of how to cope… or found one as he seems alright now.

But he hosted a big shin-dig with multiple bands and everyone got shwasted… probably him included.

My cousin and I reconnected that night after some drama (revolving around a girl) had cropped up. Interesting how the underlying emotional tones can reveal other hidden emotions.

My cousin was on the verge of tears for having slept with the girl and having lost my respect. Pretty heartfelt crap. My cousin is a good dude… kind of sleazy though.

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