My friend is getting married in June

One of my childhood best friends (like when we were 10) came here to canada 2 years ago and we have been hanging out since then. She did a civil marriage with her boyfriend to do his paperwork (I think she came as a refugee) and I went to her wedding etc

Now just an hour ago, she called me and told me she will do a church wedding this June as a one year anniversary. She bought a dress too.

I am not sure what is wrong with me, but why can’t I take that step too? I made a Pinterest board of ideas and we can afford it. I wanted to do on 07/07/17 just so scary to me :frowning: !?

anyway, what is your ideal wedding like? if you like weddings? I have jewelry but have been browsing. I wish my partner had a ring from his grandmother or something, or my mom saved her wedding dress for me - It just feels weird for me, maybe because of my mom and dad and their marriage, it does not feel like a dream come true.


My sister walked to town hall and said to the lady “We wanna get married” and they got married. I think I would want something similar. 7/7/17 is cool idea. When I went into the hospital I was 77.7 KG (I live in USA but they measured in KG)…I said “better than 66.6” she said “yeah we don’t want that” and I said “Yeah 77.7 is a winner in the slot machines” 7-7-7.

We’re throwing a party for my sister this summer. But technically she eloped. I think I would wanna elope but that’s far down the road… I don’t like my non-immediate family all that much cuz they don’t respect me enough since I’m MI and stuff so I wouldn’t want them to be getting drunk on my behalf Lololol. But maybe in 10 years it’ll be different or however long it takes. We’ll see.

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I love fragile jewelry - antique.
I have a lot of jewelry, some like solitaire but they are only affordable stones like quartz.

and I like this setting of a wedding with fairy lights

My mom was secretly 7 months pregnant with my sister when she got married and they were passionately in love. Even though it got pretty ugly in the years ahead. I love them.

How do you hide that? My mom was 3 months pregnant with my sister when they got married. A little easier to hide. If you know who Derek Jeter is, baseball player for the Yankees. he got his number retired yesterday and his 27 year old wife was there. She must’ve been 7-8 months pregnant…big belly. Good luck to Mr. Jeter. I’m sure his daughter will be successful given Derek Jeter is the best baseball player of my generation with a real humble personality…and his wife is a supermodel and actress and stuff. So yeah you gotta figure they’ll produce a good kid?

sooooo sad, I’m anti wedding, my friend got married and I bought them a sympathy card lol

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oh sorry - I think 2 months =) LOL.
They told everybody the baby was born ‘7’ months

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