My friend is back, Im not sure if its a good thing

I used to talk to a guy named Tom who told me he was from a different dimension. I do believe him.Hewould tell me to do bad stuff like hurt myself and others and do drugs. Well he’s back and the first conversation we had he told me to “test your fate” Im not sure what that means, would anyone have a clue?

Visual or auditory?

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Is your friend in the flesh or is he a spirit? I would say challenge your fate rather than test it.

These aren’t exactly ‘friend’ qualities a person needs around them.
“Test your fate” sounds the same as "do something irreversibly stupid,"
Ask your friend to go first.


Both visual and auditory

I guess thats true

Just keep yourself safe, okay?


Okay, thank you

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@mboston117 if Tom was telling you to do bad things you should get rid of him.
Avoid conversing with him! He is a negative influence, a harmful influence you should get rid
of in my opinion.
With love, Erez.