My friend is always sick

My friend of fourteen years, told me when I first met her that she “never got sick”. She then quickly came down with a case of bronchitis that somehow turned into pneumonia. And from that point onwards, she has been in a continual state of sickness from one sort or another. She suffers from daily migraines on top of sinus headaches, back pain, and irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation related to the IBS. She also has arthritis in her hands and back. And, she is chronically irritable, depressed, paranoid, and manic due to Sza disorder. And chronically severely broke due to her manic spending sprees, and she’s under severe stress due to the financial problems. She is also ultra, ultra sensitive and being around her is like walking around eggshells. Everything a person says or does triggers her sensitivities. I’m totally tired of it all. But, as often as she cuts me out of her life, she also comes crawling back later on stating always that she is “lonely”. What do I do guys?


Leave her alone. Keep away from her.

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Best advice I’ve heard in a long time. Or really never.


@DragonStorm, I just deleted my “friend’s” phone number from my contact list and put her number on the spam list. She can’t text or call me anymore and I can’t call or text her because I don’t have her phone number committed to memory. Thank goodness.

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She is not responsible for all her illness such as SZA, but she is responsible for some of her illnesses as well as her financial problems. Certainly she has some obvious flaws in her character which makes her a bad friend to all who had truly concerns for her. I’d say just leave her alone because you can’t withstand her character flaws…

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awww…I wish you would have still stayed in contact with her…

Maybe you did the right thing. You can only offer help for so long and no one likes to be used as a life cushion.

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I will hope for the best.

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Sounds like a human tampon argument. In urban slang a human tampon absorbs another persons problems afterwards the other person feels better. You have to let this person know in a polite manner that you’re no human tampon. Relationships aren’t one sided. This one sounds like one. This lady carries a lot of burdens and is gonna need to vent sometimes but there’s healthy venting and unhealthy venting. She should let you vent also. If the relationship could be 2 sided I’d ride it out; burdens and all if you get something out of this persons company.

I get minimal to nothing out of her. Only thing is, she occasionally helps me with my computer problems. She is a techie.

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