My friend got out of the ward

When will this paranoia go away

Honestly, one moment you are saying you have homicidal tendencies, the other moment they are gone. Based on your past history of attention seeking which you described yourself, I can only believe that you are seeking attention by saying you have homicidal tendencies and want to kill other people to get into hospital. You did it because it somehow in your mind gives you a sense of control and power by having psychiatrists and nurses and police escorting you. It also gives you the attention seeking you need.

nobody was escorting me in reality thankfully

im saying that i had them but they went away. please don’t send hate if you don’t understand my situation

Also I was not well at the time when I described my “attention seeking” which wasn’t attention seeking in reality

i hate psych wards anyway

The meds you’re on can take up to 2 months to work properly, and you need frequent blood tests in the beginning to find the right dose and make sure you’re not having bad reactions to them.
It’s better to keep you in the ward where they can monitor your more closely.

You say you don’t have homocidal thoughts and delusions now, but you had them just a few days ago. That means they’re likely to come back if you stop treatment now.

Wanna get out of the ward? Comply with your treatment 100%, and be 100% honest about everything.
Stop denying your problems or making excuses.

Acknowledge your issues and show that you want to get better.

If you escape, the police will find you and you’ll be kept and treated against your will with increased security levels.

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I am being honest and complying but it wont help

No, you are denying and downplaying your issues and making excuses instead of taking responsibility.

You’re acting like a child with cookie crumbs on his face who keeps saying he hasn’t taken cookies from the jar.

I’m not downplaying anything

Honestly, look at at your old threads, you literally said why won’t anyone take your attention seeking seriously. You argue the same points over and over. Like I said, go watch some people play video games and talk about life, instead of always spending your time on the forum. No amount of you talking about getting out of the ward here will help in you actually leaving the ward earlier. I am pretty sure you know that already but I am humoring you.

honestly could you understand that I was unwell at that time
Also I do spend time elsewhere too

Really? You keep saying your problems aren’t that bad and things like “but I don’t have thosr problems right now”.
That’s downplaying.

The sooner you admit you have issues, the sooner you can get well.

Denying their existence won’t make them go away.

That’s enough circle talking and arguing for today.

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