My friend george

we used to work together and then would hang out after work. he knew alot about horticulture but really he had other interests that he would tend to think about. like his music and his photography. he always used to tell me his idea was to put together a coffee table book, but i can’t remember what he was going to focus on. i always thought, who would buy a coffee table book? there’s no money in it. but looking back it was a pretty unique idea. mom has like 8 coffee table books i look through that she has picked up travelling in different national parks and also one of Falling Waters, a famous frank lloyd wright house she visited, i think it’s in the northeast somewhere, maybe pennsylvania.

george also taught me a beatles tune on the guitar, it was real easy to play, normally i would just play my own strums and little jams i came up with that i thought sounded good. he was a good musician, expert at guitar and mandolin, actually we went to the guitar store together and i talked him into buying a mandolin he liked. i remember we started jamming and he started to play something on the mandolin that sounded like "cry love’ from john hiatt. and i stopped and said, isn’t that a john hiatt song? and he said he was unaware of the song.

haven’t seen him in years, he’s a jovial fellow, full of adventure and experience. he was a good friend but a bit of a pot head back then. always has to be out doing something, doesn’t like to sit and do nothing, unless of course he was extending his lunch break at work from the allowed 30 minutes to his typical hour and a half and getting away with it. o well, most of the important work we finished before lunch anyhow.


i remember his favorite phrase he used to repeat was “alls fair in love and war”

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