My friday night is consisting of getting the's yours?

Well, I’m developing the hives and I am clueless why but have decided not to go to the ER, that would be worse. What a Friday night. Hoping the rest of you are having a better start to your weekend than me. Seriously it wouldn’t be my meds if my last med change was a few months ago right?

spring fever. The fact that it happens on the weekend is a giveaway.

I had a glass of iced tea with lemon. Waiting to see if my brother will call on his way home from work.

Now my brother called and yelled at me for something not really my fault. I just fixed it for him. That’s what you get when you depend on someone else’s phone call for your measley Friday night.

@pob I hope your saturday makes up for your friday.

@desimb stress has a lot to do with hives. I got them at 16 years old and had to go to the ER a few times, never figured out what caused them. They would come and go for 6 years.
The itchiness was the most miserable as I remember.

I sometimes get hives from fresh cut lawn or stress or not getting all the pool chlorine off of me.

My brother used to get hives from bad med reactions. This product has worked well for both of us. Even when we both had chicken pox, poison oak, hives, stings, and allergies.

Aveeno anti-itch concentrated lotion.

It’s about 7.50 a bottle. It’s very concentrated so a few drops go a long way. Don’t squirt a huge amount into your hand. You’ll have to rub it in for along time if you do.

P.s. it’s also feels nice on sunburn.

I hope you feel better.
Thank you for letting me post.