My folks choice of movies is ‘disturbing’

First they put on ‘contagion’
Next night it was ‘world war z’
Tonight it was ‘I am legend’



put on something funny:
groundhogs day
zombieland I and II
the naked gun


Groundhog Day is such a good movie

yes, who more entertaining than ghostbuster bill

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I think I heard the guy who played Egon directed Groundhog Day

what is egon ??

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The ghostbusters character. The nerdy one with the glasses

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yes, that semi-tall guy, if i remember

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Harold Ramis is his name

hut- hut beginnings

I watched The Strangers Prey by Night last night. Watched it years ago as new release, but I like movies based on true stories. I started The Poughkeepsie Tapes but stopped it.

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My grandparents like only good clean movies. No violence. No blood. No gore. No cussing. They love implied scenes and for gosh sakes no sexual intracourse.

So my question is: what do they watch nowadays?


My mom loves the first few Resident Evil movies and the Dawn of the Dead one… the one in the shopping mall with the guy from Modern Family in it.

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I found the new Joker movie disturbing
Some people laughed thru it
I don’t know how the could


I bought it on dvd, watched it the day it came out. My youngest 2 and hubby watched it with me. I had to stop it to cry in the bathroom, but you know I really felt for Arthur, and I kinda cheered for him at the end.

Course I’m a Purge fan too, so maybe I’m not the best to discus movies, lol.

I like the purge movie series too
Just Joker rubbed me the wrong way

My stomach was in knots

I’m a fan of Heath Ledger’s Joker and Phoenix’s Joker. I like Ledger’s more, as you can tell the sanity has come back a bit. But for saying how Joker started, I really thought that yeah, he started a movement.

And my therapist watched it after me and felt the same way he felt…about the poor, the MI, all of it. The abuse that caused some of it.

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Oh I love “I am legend”!

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I never saw Ledger’s Joker, I wanted to, but never got around to it. The way Joker became because of the abuse is a bit overboard. He killed because of name calling mostly. I thought it was extreme for him to do that. To take someone’s life because of something so small and petty. Sure it hurts to be abused, but there are other ways to heal from it.

Phoenix’s Joker was chained to a furnace and abused as a child. They broke all that down when he got the records from the Arkham Asylum dept. He took the records from the receptionist and ran.

The name calling was the topping of it, but when he found out he had been lied to and his real childhood, that’s what snapped him.