My fitness pal

I’ve been using myfitnesspal to count calories the past week or so. It’s got a pretty large database of different foods so you can even use it when eating drive-thru. I never knew how many calories a 1 dollar meal could be. Pretty good buy but doesn’t fill you up.

I go over the recommended calories everyday, but I know I’m more careful about my consumption since starting to use it.


I’m mostly eating home-made food and most if not all calorie counters fail at that.

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You can always put in the portions of whatever you’re making? Like 6 ounces of fish or whatever. It counts that as well.

Yes but how to measure a portion of fish fillets fried with breadcrumbs and eggs with a creative potato salad as a side dish? It’s too complicated (for me at least dunno maybe i’m just plain old lazy to figure it out).

However, if you are trying to eat cleanly while bulking up lets say, than calorie counters really help. Or whenever you need to look closely at the math behind loosing weight but with clean dieting (no home-made greasy stuff etc). Because, on every continent a portion of boiled brown rice is a portion of boiled brown rice.

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Yeah I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I treat it like a strategy game, so that level of micromanagement makes my brain buzz pleasantly.


Oh i know what you mean. :slight_smile:
I track everything haha, steps taken, times i do yoga per week, calories burned (with google fit) etc. But calories taken are too complicated.

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I tried using it, but I became obsessive and had to stop. I checked it all the time and never closed its tab on my computer. I beat myself up if I went even a little bit over my calorie goal for the day. Even being really careful and (mostly) staying within a calorie count that was supposed to help me lose weight, I was still gaining. It was incredibly stressful. I am not using it now, but I am simply trying to be aware of what I’m taking in. I avoid drinking calories, except for the occasional Monster to keep me awake, and I’m not eating out as much.

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