My first post

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am geth and I have joined this site so I can get a feeling of belonging. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2004 and have been a bit lost in the world since.


Welcome! You are among friends. Cheers!

Hi!!! Welcome :smiley:

Hi! You have just entered the coolest part of the Internet.

Welcome! This site helps me a lot, I hope it will help you too.



Thanks everyone

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Welcome aboard. Feel free to vent. This is a great place to release angst.

Hello genth :smile:

You’re welcome here. You can get a lot of good information and support on this site. The comraderie is nice too.

Welcome to the forum :smile:

Geth as in Mass Effect? or just geth…

cool name either way.

(Shepherd commander)

Thanks, It’s just Geth. What is mass effect?

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Hah… Its a sci fi trilogy on xbox and ps3

The geth look like this:

Their an AI robot species. Typically bad guys… But being machines they get reprogrammed and some have free will out side the hive mind.

One of the coolest “species” in the game.

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Welcome :+1:t2:


Welcome, we need some new faces here :blush:

Welcome Geth :heart: